The 5 Pillars of Health

1. Detoxification

DetoxiThe average American diet can render the liver sluggish, no longer able do its detoxification job. The liver isn’t the only one that suffers however. The gallbladder can become lethargic or clogged, preventing certain wastes from being eliminated through the biliary system. The stomach can no longer digest food as it should because enzyme, acid, and pH levels worsen. The small intestine loses some ability to absorb proper nutrients, sometimes even allowing substances to reenter the blood stream that shouldn’t. And the large intestine (colon) slows down, leading to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other uncomfortable diseases.

Innately, the liver just does not know what it is being given is poison. Toxins are not being labeled as noxious substances and flushed immediately out. Instead they slip through the liver and are distributed throughout the body: bones, fat, tissues, muscles, and flowing through our blood. And because the liver let them go, the other parts of your body do not see toxins as a threat either. There, deep in the marrow of our bones or streaming through our veins, they slowly kill us, leaving our body defenseless, or even crippled.

Find out how Detoxification can help your body fight these toxins!

2. Nervous System

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While we do plenty of right by our bodies, they are in a state of constant change. If we preserve positive change, support, and enhancement, we endure proper nervous system function. Unfortunately, the average American lifestyle maintains decline, breakdown, and destruction of the body which harms the nervous system a great deal. Daily stresses of life are enough to disrupt our structural frames; from work to play we demand a lot from our bodies.
Three perilous factors that seriously harm our nervous system are stress, injuries, and chronic pain. Just one or all three of these factors disturb the balance we have with our nervous system.
Recent studies say 85% of all diseases or illnesses are related to stress. Stress alone! America is an amazing place to live, but it is also the most stressed in the world. Our lives are saturated in stress; 14 million Americans suffer from anxiety, at least 30% of the population suffers from insomnia, and 90% of women over 30 suffer from some degree of hormonal imbalance.

Learn about your Nervous System and how you can help it get back on track!

3. Nutrition

iStock_000016525159_SmallYour body is constantly replacing old cells with new ones. Nutrients the body takes in allows for proper and healthy cell regeneration. So if your body isn’t absorbing the proper nutrients, doesn’t it stand to reason that your body won’t be able to function to its utmost potential?

Refined and processed foods do not supply the body any valuable nutrients. Natural, organic, and whole foods help your body function properly. If the cell regeneration, also known as the aging process, is slowed because you are taking in proper nutrients from proper foods, then the process accelerates if you take in unhealthy and processed foods.

But food and nutrients go far beyond cell regeneration. What you put in your body may do wonders of good for you, or can seriously harm you. Changing your eating habits sounds like a small and simple thing, but think of the difference between eating a greasy hamburger from the drive through and a home-cooked meal you prepared yourself. If anything, you will at the very least know what’s going into your body since you cooked it.

Find out how proper Nutrition can change your life!

4. Fitness

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Fitness is very important for living a healthy lifestyle. You can eat all the right foods, but fitness helps build muscle, sustains flexibility and essentially makes you stronger. However, we could be executing it wrongly and thus not achieving the results we desire. To help you in your goals to become a healthier you, we will introduce the Peak Lifestyle Wellness Program, based off of the Reclain 24 System founded by wellness specialist Dr. Webb’s who discusses the four dimensions of wellness: 1) Physical, 2) Emotional, 3) Intellectual, and 4) Spiritual. This system is all about understanding wellness for these four perspectives and unifying each of them with our lifestyle.

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5. Hormones

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Major Depressive Disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population. Depression is a severe despondency and dejection, accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Many of the symptoms listed for hormonal imbalance math up with symptoms of depression like lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest. Some patients who believe they are suffering from depression could be suffering from a hormonal imbalance.

What are hormones and why are they so important?

Hormones are biochemical compounds produced by various organs and glands in your body and essential to a functioning life. Without hormones, we could not survive, a woman cannot become pregnant, and a man could not get a woman pregnant. A child cannot grow without hormones; we would never sleep, or fight infections or handle stress.

Learn how proper Hormone balance will keep your life balanced!